About WISE


The Westminster Institute for Science Education is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping schools create the most innovative and engaging interactive STEM learning environments and programs on Earth.

Our Philosophy

Exploration, Creativity, Discovery, and Mentorship in the practice of Innovation are the foundations of our program. The WISE program incorporates the distilled learnings from over thirty years of experience in both innovating, and teaching students how to innovate at Cornell University, NASA, Caltech, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Science, Engineering, Math and Design Education are all structured to reflect future professional experiences. Creativity, and innovation are elemental to every aspect of the programs.  Students perform science experiments of their own, and create things that have never existed, through engagement in challenging collaborative projects.


Our approach

WISE consults with K-12 schools at every level to affect broad changes and updates to STEM programs, from developing strategic plans for districts and private schools, all the way through running workshops for school boards, teachers, and students.  We help schools plan, and communicate with their community to finance these programs, and so far, have managed to help every school self-fund WISE program updates. Our programs leverage the latest technologies in Computers, Tablets and SmartPhones, and scientific tools and software to create deeply interactive learning experiences that challenge students to create and innovate without the boundaries of more traditional cook-book recipe approaches.


Recent Projects

The Berkeley School

Strategic Planning, Teacher Training and Mentorship, Science Electives

WISE, through direct Board of Trustees participation and leadership, helped the Berkeley Montessori K-8 school update its strategic plan, and broaden and modernize the school’s focus on a wider range of teaching practices that emphasized creativity and innovation, leading to a complete rebranding of the school as The Berkeley School.  Once a unified curriculum was in place, WISE mentored science teachers and taught electives in Lego Robotics, and Sustainable Aquatic Biosystems.


The Westminster Schools

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Strategic Planning

with Headmaster Bill Clarkson to develop and implement a school-wide k-12 renovation and focus of STEM disciplines on innovation and creativity, empowered with new tools and programs including the FIRST robotics competition, and Lego League, and summer science internships.  This also lead to the rapid implementation of a 1-to-1 laptop and iPad program empowered by a completely renovated state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure upgrade.  Westminster is now one of Apple’s distinguished technology leader schools.

Burke’s School Board Retreat

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Prospect Sierra STEM Events


NAIS Board Workshop

  • NSF Proposal

    NSF Proposal

  • The Berkeley School

    The Berkeley School

  • The Branson School

    The Branson School

  • The Westminster Schools

    The Westminster Schools

  • Burke’s School Board Retreat

    Burke’s School Board Retreat

  • Prospect Sierra STEM Events

    Prospect Sierra STEM Events

  • NAIS Board Workshop

    NAIS Board Workshop